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ROTOMOULDING, which is also called rotational moulding, is also one of the varieties of rotational casting. This technology allows you to produce elements of very large mass and dimensions, which is not possible with the use of other plastics processing technologies; therefore, it is often associated with the production of large tanks. Currently this method is widely used thanks to the development of technology and the introduction of digitally controlled machines. The method of rotational moulding can be used to make both very complicated technical details and products in which the main emphasis is on aesthetics.

Rotomoulding, as a method of processing plastics, is highly demanding throughout the production process, but it allows you to manufacture a wide range of products from water, fuel or oil tanks, machine parts and casings, road barriers, hardcore chutes, car parts such as wheel arches or roofs, to gardening and recreational products such as slides, swings, vases, and pots.

Thanks to relatively low production costs of moulds and the ability to create products of virtually unlimited shapes and sizes, rotational moulding is an effective and extremely economical technology making the production of even small series of a given product profitable, which allows you to manufacture any number of goods from a single product to several thousand of products.


Creation of single-block objects, manufacture of hollow elements without additional operations

No seam, which can be a place of reduced strength of the material

No internal strain

Low mould production costs compared to other technologies

Easy and quick change of moulds on machine arms

Possible production of many different products using the same device

Production of multi-layered products

Ability of manufacturing products with embedded metal elements (e.g. threads, inserts, etc.), thanks to which additional accessories can be easily mounted on the product

Virtually no material loss during the production

Quick colour change

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